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网站案例是实力的最好证明! 巨鼎已为广东珠三角地区多家企业及其品牌提供了策划、网页设计、网站建设、网络推广;冬去春来已然五载,始终坚持从访客的视角出具策划,为客户创作出准确的、极具商业价值的网站建设方案和网络营销解决方案。我们的项目控制能力不断被证明。当然我们一直还在努力,精彩还在继续……

 东莞外贸企业网站制作案例|Hensenmold -- 详细内容
  solution, innovation, responsibility makes Hensen Mold!
  Hensen Mold Inc. was established in 1998 and develops to one big company with the times. It locates in Humen, Dongguan, China with an area of 10,000 M2 and more than 500 workers.
  It is dedicated on service of plastic injection mold design, engineering, mold making, as well as die casting mold making ( zinc alloy & aluminum alloy) until manufacturing and assembly. We also offer the service of second operation, such as printing, silk printing, painting, powder coating and so on. We are professional at making products of housinghold, automobile, industrial products, consumer products, electronic appliance, computer accessories and so on.
  Our committment to high quality, precision & innovation work, done on time at a competitive price, has enabled us to achieve ISO 9001: 2008 certification and great success in the mold field.
  Hensen mold is customer focused. We are committed to maximizing value and minimizing cost throughout the designing& manufacturing process. We work together with our customers to achieve defined levels of quality and materials from the first meeting to final delivery–backed by a continuous improvement program to achieve success.
  We are available to work with you on design projects or to assist you on your total project from beginning to end. We give you solution all the time. We are enthusiastic of serving our customers.
  We believe solution can let us win the customers, innovation can make the future brighter for ourselves and our customers.
  Please contact us at your convenience.

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