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网站案例是实力的最好证明! 巨鼎已为广东珠三角地区多家企业及其品牌提供了策划、网页设计、网站建设、网络推广;冬去春来已然五载,始终坚持从访客的视角出具策划,为客户创作出准确的、极具商业价值的网站建设方案和网络营销解决方案。我们的项目控制能力不断被证明。当然我们一直还在努力,精彩还在继续……

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Company Profile
Nine Crafts Jewelry manufactory produces sophisticated costume jewelry, made using Silver 925 Brass and Copper with Crystal,Gemstone,Zircon,Pearl and so on.

We specialize in rings, earring, pendants charms, necklace, bracelet and other fashionable accessories.

Our hands on approach at all stages of production ensure the quality of our products and our commitment to the needs of our customers in an ever-changing business environment.

We also provide tailor-made services if customer have specific requests on design and/or materials. We have access to variety of elements, which customers can choose from for creating their modern and unique collection of precious.

The dedication to delivery product satisfaction and excellent service is core principle of 9Crafts.


Our participation and knowledge of the Chinese manufacturing industry for the past 5 years along with our dedication and commitment allows us to give our customers the best advice and support to guarantee an ideal product outcome.

The use of state-of-art technology and stringent quality control ensures our products are delivered in precious quality. It also presents our commitment to meet customers requirement to all type of budget.

Nine Crafts Jewelry manufactory offers the possibility to be at receiving end with the opportunity of having a large variety of fashionable costume jewelry at competitive prices.

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